Business Lesson I learned…from Karaoke?

Try a new song every time out.

You have your favs but you learn something about yourself when you try something new. Good or Bad learn something.

Don’t ever ever ever try to sing Whitney Houston. You may sing well but it will never be as good as Whitney and you just come off as trying to be her…be yourself.

Try to avoid sad slow songs unless you are really grieving. It always comes off as ingenuine and the audience is rarely going to stay tuned.

If you are worried that you are going to make a mistake, make it a big one. You will never be great if you are worried about making a mistake. Take the risk. If anything you learn something and Audience sympathizes with performers that at least trying hard.

Be fun but not drunk….be brave not macho or careless…be interested not interesting.

No swearing into the mic…ever. If the song has swearing, hold the mic out so the audience can say the word.

Duets are always terrible unless rehearsed alot. You can’t harmonize with someone else unless you have been practicing for weeks/months. Don’t try.

Thank the MC…tip if appropriate

Never sing to one girl, unless it’s your wife on your anniversary and she wanted to be there. Otherwise sing to everyone one in the room.

If you want people to clap and cheer for you, clap cheer for them first.

Nobody likes territorial performers, embrace new people.

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